Lindsay Lohan Threatens To Fire Employees For Wearing Wrong Shoes


Lindsay Lohan Threatens To Fire Employees For Wearing Wrong ShoesTotally not grool.Historically, Lindsay Lohan hasn’t exactly been the best about following rules, but she has some different expectations for the staff at her beach club.

The former child star has attached her name to three properties in Greece: an Athens nightclub and two VIP resorts and beach clubs located in Mykonos and Rhodes.

What Lohan actually does at these spots is unclear but, apparently, her job description includes threatening employees on social media for wearing the incorrect footwear.

The official account for the Lohan Beach House Rhodes shared a photo of two members of its staff presumably in uniform last week, wearing tunic wrap dresses and ― gasp ― different styles of high heels.

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“Hello and welcome to paradise!” the caption read.

Lohan took notice of the sartorial discrepancy and, instead of settling the matter internally, vented her frustration in the comments.

“Wear the same shoes please,” the “Mean Girls” actress wrote before adding, “Or you’re fired.”

And in case you thought she was kidding (please be kidding) she doubled down on the threat when a follower asked if the whole thing was some kind of joke.

“Pls tell me you’re not joking need this to be real,” the person wrote, to which Lohan replied, “Totally serious!”

Publicly threatening to fire an employee for wearing heels of a different shade or style? Absolutely ridiculous. But this should be very watchable fodder for Lohan’s planned reality TV show, revolving around the staff at her beach house à la Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules.”

Lohan has already partnered with MTV veterans at Bunim/Murray Productions for the currently untitled series, which is set to begin filming in Mykonos. The producers were also responsible for the 2008 series “Living Lohan”for E!, which followed Lohan’s less famous family members.

Representatives for Lohan did not immediately return HuffPost’s request for comment.

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