Street Artist Adds Bulletproof Vests To Stores’ Back-To-School Sections


Street Artist Adds Bulletproof Vests To Stores' Back-To-School Sections"Unparalleled protection for your kids," say the tags on the vests artist Plastic Jesus placed among children's clothing.A street artist made a poignant point about deadly mass school shootings with his latest guerrilla stunt.

British-born Plastic Jesus added kid-sized bulletproof vests to the children’s clothing sections inside three Target stores and one Macy’s in Los Angeles.

A label attached to the safety garments reads, “Show how much you love them. Unparalleled protection for your kids.” The artist shared photographs of the thought-provoking stunt to his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts over the weekend:

“Back to school? Everything you need for the new term,” the artist captioned one set of images on Twitter. “Including Level 3A bullet proof vest.”

It’s unclear how long the vests remained on display at the stores or what Plastic Jesus’ exact motivation for the prank was.

He did not immediately return HuffPost’s request for comment, but his involvement in the stunt was confirmed by frequent collaborator and photographer Nick Stern.

After unveiling a tiny wall around President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in July 2016, Plastic Jesus told HuffPost he tries to “approach art in a way that won’t offend people too much.”

“I just want to get them thinking about policy and politics and news,” he added at the time.

In March, Plastic Jesus teamed up with fellow artist Joshua “Ginger” Monroe for this sculpture of former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein — whom more than 70 women have accused of sexual misconduct ― wearing just a robe on a casting couch:

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