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      Stephen Colbert Says Donald Trump Just Put The ‘Dic’ In ‘Dictatorship’

      Stephen Colbert Says Donald Trump Just Put The ‘Dic’ In ‘Dictatorship’The "Late Show" host trolls the president over a proposed move against his critics.Stephen Colbert slammed President Donald Trump on Tuesday for considering revoking security clearances for former government officials who criticize him. “Now, I don’t know if we’ve arrived at dict..




      Here’s Why Texas Voter Turnout Was So Low, And Why It’s Surging Now

      Here’s Why Texas Voter Turnout Was So Low, And Why It’s Surging Now‘We’ve never seen this level of engagement this early in the early voting period.’By David Montgomery AUSTIN — Wearing a red-white-and-blue blouse with a sticker declaring “I’m so gonna vote,” Kassie Phebillo sits behind a table here at the University of Texas, dispensing informatio..

      USA Women’s Gymnastics Team Crowned World Champions — Again

      USA Women's Gymnastics Team Crowned World Champions -- AgainSimone Biles and her teammates will return from Doha, Qatar, with gold medals.The U.S. women’s gymnastics team has come out on top once again. Simone Biles and her teammates sailed to victory on Tuesday at the world gymnastics championships in Doha, Qatar, claiming the United States’ ..

      Oregon Witches Trade Brooms For Paddles

      Oregon Witches Trade Brooms For PaddlesThe sight left some spectators spellbound.PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Hundreds of “witches” traded in broomsticks for paddles in Oregon during the last weekend before Halloween. The costumed coven paddled six miles (10 kilometers) on boards Saturday along the Willamette River, which divides the city of Portland. The..




      Self-Care Is An Act Of Political Warfare

      Self-Care Is An Act Of Political WarfareWhen Donald Trump won the presidency two years ago, I made a promise to myself to never give up. Many of my friends felt the same way. We knew the next four years were going to be a test to see if we would either let Trump take over the country or stand up and fight for the inherent worth and dignity of all Americans. Now, nearly two years later, many of us are burned out. We’re tired of checking our phones every morning to see what Trump’s done now. We’re tired of confronting politicians and speaking truth to power, only to find out they’ll go ahead and confirm Brett Kavanaugh anyway. We’re tired of waking up in the morning to find out Trump is planning on rolling back transgender rights or aligning himself with white nationalists. The trans community along with many other groups of people are under a constant amount of strain and stress waiting to see what terrible thing Trump and his administration will do next. That politics-related stress,..

      Nonfiction: Why We Should Never Expect to Discover Sentient Ice Cubes

      THE EQUATIONS OF LIFE How Physics Shapes Evolution By Charles S. Cockell 337 pp. Basic Books. $32. A newcomer to the cantina in the pirate city of Mos Eisley in a galaxy far away would be confronted by a crowd of intimidating thugs: Rodians, Devaronians, Ithorians, Morseerians, Lutrillians, Siniteens and other alien buccaneers swilling liquor and..

      How Apple’s March Toward $1 Trillion Could Cause It to Stumble

      How Apple’s March Toward $1 Trillion Could Cause It to StumbleGet the DealBook newsletter to make sense of major business and policy headlines — and the power-brokers who shape them.__________ Apple’s flirtation with $1 trillion may be distracting investors from a big challenge: Can customers stomach continued price increases for its iPhone? Invest..


      Trump, At Golf Club, Intent On Projecting He’s Hard At Work

      Trump, At Golf Club, Intent On Projecting He's Hard At WorkTrump seems concerned about public perception as he approaches having spent 150 days of his term at his golf properties.BEDMINSTER, N.J. (AP) — President Donald Trump is spending his summer vacation at his golf club in New Jersey. Wait, don’t call it “vacation.” Trump, who is loath to admit to sleeping — let alone taking time off — has spent his week away mixing downtime and golf rounds with meetings and dinners, intent on projecting the image that he’s been hard at work. Ensconced at his private club, he’s surrounded by a clutch of unofficial Bedminster advisers, who have unusual levels of access to a president with the propensity for mixing business with leisure. Not that it was his idea to leave Washington anyway, he contends. “We’re renovating the White House, a long-term project and they approved it years ago. And I said, ‘Well, I guess this would be a good place to be in the meantime,’” Trump told reporters invited t..